Meet with Erik Domines, ECLA Representative of Swedish BJF - ECLA
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Meet with Erik Domines, ECLA Representative of Swedish BJF

Meet with Erik Domines, representative of the Swedish Association of Company Lawyers, Bolagsjuristernas Foringen (BJF). Erik is extremely pleased to be able to talk about his Association, where he is also a member of the Board, responsible for communications & ECLA liaison, and was previously responsible for competence development activities and sensitivity to in-house lawyers’ needs

“BJF has been founded in 1953 by a bunch of In-house lawyers and I am very proud to say we count now 1050 members” Erik tells us.

BJF has a lot of activities during the year among which an educational and mentor program at the beginning of the year.
“We organize around 40 seminars with 4/5 dedicated law firms in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö Lund. These events are free of charge  or with a special rate for our members”,  he continues “ I would like to emphasize  our one day seminar on the Company/Board Secretary function which plays  a crucial role nowadays,  as the Board Secretary provides legal support to the whole business.”

The Swedish Association regularly cooperates with Deloitte, Baker McKenzie in order to provide educational programs, while in collaboration with a top law firm, a top financial paper and they organize the “Company Lawyer of the year” addressed not only to their members but also to all the company lawyers in the country.

Last but not least, they are very dynamic on the job side: “we work with a recruiting company specialized on In-house lawyers in order to investigate the salary level and the expectations of employers. 75% of our members replied to this survey”.