The European Company Lawyers Association becomes partner of Respect Zone to prevent cyber bullying

On 29 November 2019, Prague, Czechia:  The 40th General Assembly of the European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA) unanimously decided to join Respect Zone in order to support the Initiative for positive, non-violent communication, the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and the incitement of violence, online and in public. Jonathan Marsh, President of ECLA commented the following: “The decision to join was not a hard one to make, as the values that Respect Zone enshrines strongly reflect upon the values upon which ECLA is based on – promoting non-discrimination, non-violence, equal treatment, in addition to preventing harassment in all spaces.”

Respect Zone is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting positive communication both in public and online. The core values of the organisation rest on defending the freedom of expression, of thinking, and of criticism, and upholding them as fundamental rights. The goals are achieved through online tools and trainings via legal tools which were initiated by company lawyers.   Respect Zone is an NGO established in various countries including France, Belgium, USA and Switzerland, it enables company lawyers and outside counsels to team up in order in particular to provide legal aid on a pro bono basis to the benefit of victims of cyberviolences.

Philippe Coen, founder of Respect Zone and former ECLA President and Honorary President emphasises: “I am thrilled to have ECLA join Respect Zone. During my time as President of ECLA, I saw much of the values Respect Zone propagates enshrined both within ECLA and within ECLA member associations. Restricting and preventing online harassment and violence is an issue that must be tackled worldwide. With ECLA’s membership, our mission statement can reach over 65,000 company lawyers across Europe, further increasing our goals.”


About Respect Zone

Respect Zone is a French NGO for the protection of young people and the prevention of bullying. Since 2014, it has been offering, as an associative Civic Tech, positive tools for non-violent online communication, digital education and respect and co-existence. It is an independent, non-political and non-community based association. Founded on a charter of commitment to respect, it works with its volunteers to defend responsible freedom of expression.