Exclusive Webinar

24 January 11:00 CET

From Chaos to Clarity

Matter management systems have become essential for corporate legal departments due to their technical capabilities that directly address the intricacies of modern legal practice. The core value of these systems lies in their ability to centralise and organise information, providing legal professionals with immediate access to necessary data. This centralisation is particularly crucial for risk assessment and management, as it allows for a comprehensive overview of all ongoing matters, their associated risks, and their statuses in real time.


These systems also enable the automation of routine tasks – from tracking deadlines to document version control and billing processes. This not only increases efficiency but also minimises human error and is essential for maintaining the integrity of legal proceedings and contracts, especially when dealing with large volumes of information that require accurate and timely updates. The advanced reporting and analytics tools embedded in such solutions also enable legal departments to extract previously inaccessible insights from their data. These tools can help in forecasting trends, preparing for audits, and making strategic decisions based on historical data analysis. The ability to quickly generate reports on various aspects of legal operations – from individual case progress to overall department performance – is invaluable for legal departments that need to provide detailed information to stakeholders.


A robust contract and matter management system can also help navigate these complexities by ensuring that all contracts comply with local laws and that matters are managed in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements. This not only helps in maintaining legal compliance but also in strategic decision-making, as legal teams can quickly access and analyse any necessary information when they need it. For European legal departments, where cross-jurisdictional matters are common, these systems can be configured to adapt to different legal requirements and languages, ensuring that legal practice remains consistent across different regions. This adaptability is not just a convenience but a requirement for legal departments that operate on an international scale, where the cost of non-compliance can be significant.


This interactive webinar spotlights the transformative impact of adopting such systems through a practical use-case demonstration. Join us to understand the strategic importance of these systems, which provide unparalleled oversight, risk management, and efficiency. This is an opportunity to grasp the necessity for a structured approach to managing legal affairs, ensuring that your team remains agile and informed in a rapidly evolving legal landscape.


The webinar will cover the following:
• Navigating through the complexity of legal matters with ease and efficiency.
• Setting up a well-organised and fully compliant legal operations.
• Covering the entire Legal Contract Eco System within one platform.
• Bridging the gap between Business and Legal.

With the ability to manage contracts, claims, litigation, templates, and document generation, Knowliah streamlines and simplifies the complex world of legal management for Kim and her team.


Lefere, Yves

Yves Lefere
Commercial Director & Digital Legal Expert