Exclusive invite-only event

Location: Milan, Italy

26 September 19:00 – 27 September 14:00 CEST


26 September
19:00 Welcome reception
20:30 Dinner
22:30 Discussions, networking, drinks


27 September
09:00 Welcome of participants
09:15 Discussions
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Discussions
12:30 Q&A and open discussions
13:00 Lunch

Join us for a fascinating roundtable on “From Trends to Tech: Comprehensive Strategies for M&A Success,” where the discussion will center on utilising effective solutions for highest-standard M&A strategies. Throughout the event, we will examine key trends that are shaping the legal landscape, ensuring we address your questions and provide meaningful insights.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of global business, effective mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are pivotal for strategic growth and sustainability. As European corporate counsel and business have to navigate these complex waters, a modernised approach to M&A has become crucial. A comprehensive and tech-savvy M&A strategy has to not only addresses financial and legal facets but also consider cultural integration and innovation synergy and everything related to it.


Technological advancements are reshaping the structure of M&A deals. Due diligence now goes beyond financial audits to include cybersecurity assessments and digital capabilities analysis.  Such technology must be leveraged to its full potential to enhance deal transparency and execution efficiency. Additionally, understanding tech-driven market dynamics can facilitate smoother integrations and value creation post-acquisition.


The discussion will include the following themes:

  1. M&A Pulse: Decoding the Latest Trends in Europe
  2. Tax Tango: Mastering Deal Structures for Optimal Savings
  3. Digital Defenders: AI and Cybersecurity in M&A
  4. Clash or Compromise: Navigating Litigation and Arbitration in M&A



Dr. Björn Herbers
Partner, Rechtsanwalt


General counsel are invited to the event and do only have to organise and pay for their travel arrangements. Chatham House rules apply for the meeting.


Due to limited accommodation availability, registrants who cancel within two weeks of the event or do not join the roundtable will be charged the full cost of the hotel room (€590 incl. VAT). This policy ensures that we can accommodate others who wish to attend. 



The components used during the roundtable can be downloaded by clicking the links below.


Magna Pars – L’Hotel a Parfum
Via Forcella, 6 / 8, 20144 – Milan, Italy