Exclusive invite-only event

11 March 15:00 – 17:00


15:00 Welcome
15:05 Participants’ round of introduction
15:15 Keynote: 
15:50 Open discussion
  • Think thank
  • Deepening of the discussion
  • Sharing best practices
16:30 Final thoughts

Corporate groups have seen strong growth in recent years, often due to acquisitions, but internal structures have not always kept pace. Regular assessment of group governance and control can deliver real benefits here.

CMS has developed a software-based solution that enables fast and efficient analysis of existing group governance structures by asking the following questions in relation to each subsidiary:  

    • Can the chosen group governance structure be implemented effectively and is it sufficiently flexible?
    • What risks does the current structure pose, taking local legislation into account?
    • Is there a better, safer and more effective option?  

This software-based solution incorporates extensive know-how and aims at ensuring effective control within corporate groups. The tool analyses the status quo quickly and efficiently, identifying any need for action. It can also identify the best system of governance for your corporate entity if group governance and control has not yet been implemented.



Dr. Tobias Grau
Partner, CMS


Clemens Grossmayer
Partner, CMS


The components used during the roundtable will be accessible below after the session, together with the contact information of the speakers, should you wish to contact them in the future.