Attitudes to and appetites for risk taking:
how to balance compliance obligations, business practicalities and the different types of risks involved

Exclusive invite-only event

31 August 10:00 – 11:45 CEST


10:00 Welcome
10:05 Participants’ round of introduction
10:15 Open discussion
  • Think thank
  • Deepening of the discussion
  • Sharing best practices
10:45 Final thoughts

The session will cover the following themes:


  • What is risk? What are the different types of risk that businesses must consider (e.g. legal, financial, reputational)? What are the differences between day-to-day business risks and one more one-off risks (e.g. M&A)?
  • Decision making. How does a business determine what its attitude to risk should be? Who should be making decisions regarding risk taking in general and on specific matters? How is that communicated and monitored? How are issued escalated within a business?
  • How can risks be quantified? What metrics should or could be used? What are the potential consequences in the event of non-compliance, and what is the likelihood of the relevant issue materialising? Where decisions have been made, how can processes be put in place to ensure they are revisited on a periodic basis, if needed.
  • Risk taking in an M&A context. Considering the interlink between valuation and legal and financial risk. What are the differences between one-off risks and ongoing risks? How can risks be mitigated (e.g. W&I, price adjustment mechanisms etc)?



Michelle Kirkland

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Graham Conlon