Exclusive invite-only event

22 November 10:00 – 12:00 CEST


10:00 Welcome
10:05 Participants’ round of introduction
10:15 Keynote: 
10:50 Open discussion
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  • Sharing best practices
11:45 Final thoughts

A Delicate Balance in Governance

Directors stand at the pivotal point of corporate decision-making. One of the cornerstones of corporate governance is the commitment of directors to act in the company’s best interest. These duties, which have been carefully crafted over years of legal precedent and corporate practice are a combination of legal imperatives, ethical mandates, and strategic considerations. Directors are expected to remain informed about company matters, actively engage in board decisions, and refrain from reckless behavior. Honesty and good faith are paramount as directors navigate their roles, ensuring that the company’s interests always are prioritised.


On the other side of the equation is the realm of restructuring options. As businesses operate in an environment characterised by constant change, unpredictable challenges, and varying degrees of financial stability, restructuring becomes a vital tool in the corporate arsenal. It is not merely about financial recalibration, but about ensuring that a company can weather storms, adapt to new landscapes, and seize emergent opportunities. When approached strategically, restructuring can be a transformative process that positions a company for long-term success.


In navigating the complexities of both their fiduciary duties and the strategic imperatives of restructuring, directors play a pivotal role. Their decisions can determine the trajectory of a company, influencing its fortunes and shaping its future in an ever-evolving business landscape. It is this delicate balance between duty and strategy, responsibility and innovation, that makes the role of directors both challenging and indispensable.


Join us for this insightful virtual discussion on corporate governance. As companies become more complex, discussions on the increasing roles and responsibilities that lawyers must shoulder becomes even more nuanced. Share your own experiences, meet peers who are weathering the same storm and learn from industry leading experts on how to position yourself to excel.





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