Large Corporates and Minority Investments

Exclusive invite-only event, Chatham House Rule

31 January 10:00 CET


10:00 Welcome
10:05 Participants’ round of introduction
10:15 Keynote: 
10:50 Open discussion
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11:45 Final thoughts

Minority investments present a nuanced landscape, replete with both strategic advantages and specific legal challenges. It allows large corporations to diversify their portfolios, access new markets and technologies, and forge strategic alliances without the complexities of a full M&A. However, this necessitates a careful legal navigation, particularly in areas such as antitrust compliance, minority shareholder rights, and corporate governance, requiring a deep understanding of various legal frameworks and market dynamics.


The legal challenges of minority investments are compounded when these ventures cross international borders. Global large corporations often find themselves grappling with differing legal systems, each with its own set of rules regarding foreign investments, minority shareholder protections, and disclosure requirements. This requires a sophisticated legal strategy that encompasses not only the understanding of domestic laws but also an adeptness in international law and cross-border transactional nuances. The role of lawyers in guiding these corporations becomes pivotal.



Participation is organised on an invite-only basis.



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