Legal Disruption: contemporary solutions and approaches for in-house counsel

With the beginning of a new year, ECLA will venture into a new and exciting territory by organising an exclusive technology conference for in-house counsel: Legal Disruption: Innovation, Technology, Collaboration. The event, taking place on 14 February in Dublin, will concentrate on the usage of legal technology in the legal departments and present how companies of all sizes are implementing various solutions, in order to bring their legal departments into the modern era.

Nowadays, companies and their respective legal departments face two major challenges that must be overcome in order to stay viable and competitive – globalisation and regulation. The former requires companies to adapt to a changing market, requiring in-house counsels to be knowledgeable of an increasing variety of legal issues, in addition to being aware of country-specific factors. These can range from cultural aspects to specific legal requirements that companies must adhere to in order to function at a certain market. The latter requires companies to stay in tune with current developments as well as actively accompany them wherever possible.

This leads to an increase in complexity – a level that existing structures in legal departments can hardly handle. Modern approaches can change the outlook of a company immensely, making them not only more efficient but leaving more valuable time for in-house counsel to focus on creative tasks and issues that require human input.

ECLA’s Legal Disruption conference will focus on a variety of themes, selected to reflect issues that in-house counsel face in their professional capacity. It will cover the usage of fresh approaches in legal departments, such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and permissioned blockchain, but also shine light on more established solutions, such as legal matter management systems, automated processes, smart contracts, and compliance tools. The event will encompass a whole approach to a modern legal department, showcasing what tasks can be delegated to software solutions and what solutions can disrupt the day-to-day routine of a company lawyer completely. This gives the audience the possibility to assess what elements could be incorporated into their own professional lives and made educated selections when modernising their own departments.

Legal Disruption will present a diverse set of top-class speakers and experts in their field. It will host in-house counsel from both SME’s and large corporations, such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, McDonalds, and Anheuser-Busch, bringing their extensive experience into Dublin to reflect how modern solutions are effectively being used. The audience can also hear from solution providers, who will give detailed insight into their approach, establishing how their solutions aim to ease the life of company lawyers. Together with the active engagement of participants, the conference will be the perfect opportunity to share best practices, learn about new approaches and excel in creating a more efficient and sustainable future in legal departments.

Legal Disruption: Innovation, Technology, Collaboration will take place on 14 February at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. We invite all in-house counsel to come and participate, meet and network with fellow peers facing similar issues in their own professional lives and return to their work with innovative ideas, gathered from Legal Disruption.

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