Meet with Piia Vuoti, President of the Finnish industrial lawyers association

ECLA has some 19 national associations as member and indirectly represents more than 40.000 European company lawyers with a different background and expertise but linked to each other by the same interests and their common purpose to have their profession carried out adequately and professionally. Discover our various ECLA members. What they do within their national association. We publish new interviews on a regular basis for the coming months.

Piia Vuoti, newly appointed President of her national Association (Teollisuuslakimiesten Yhdistys ry / Industrijuristföreningen r.f.), states with enthusiasm

“ I am very proud to be part of ECLA, I can see a lot of potential among these people which is fundamental to achieve the recognition of in-house lawyers’ profession across European countries”

At her first time at ECLA General Assembly in Copenhagen this November, she was delighted to exchange ideas and experiences with the representatives of the other associations and looks forward to have more opportunities to meet up.

Her Association was founded in 1955 to act as a combining unit among the lawyers employed by Finnish industrial companies and their organizations. It supports its members, in-house lawyers only,  in keeping up with new legislation and development in the field of industry and economy.

It has celebrated the 60 anniversary exactly during the Spring ECLA General Assembly in Helsinki last march.