Meet with Norwegian Association an Cecilie Kjelland

Meet with Cecilie Kjelland, until recently ECLA representative of the Norwegian Company Lawyers Association (Norges Juristforbund – Bedriftsjuristene), and now appointed as a member of the Executive Board at the last General Assembly on April 22 in Vilnius.

The Company Lawyers Association was established in 2010, but before that, the parent organization, Norges Juristforbund (Norwegian Lawyers Association), Private section, was in charge also of the company lawyers. Today, the Company Lawyers Association is a official   sub-group of the Norges Juristforbund (Norwegian Lawyers Association), Private section. NJB’s members are therefore legal professionals who work as in-house counsels in private and public companies and organizations.

However, she confirms us with pleasure: “Norwegian company lawyers keep their title as Advokat on the same conditions as lawyers generally do, and our  aim is of course that our European colleagues can get the same rights as external lawyers soon”.

The Association is primarily focused  on educational programs such as courses, classes and seminars on actual legal topics, as well as on networking. Cecilie, recently discussing with her Association’s members, can say – “People I have spoken to, express interest in participating in seminars covering legal issues of cross border interest, such as relevant EU legislation,  as the Safe Harbor decision, as corporate governance and similar topics”.