40th anniversary edition

The European Company Lawyers Review 2024/25 is a comprehensive overview of the legal status of corporate lawyers in European countries and beyond, giving an in-depth look into the legal developments affecting company lawyers and enabling the readers the opportunity to compare jurisdictions and their impact. It provides for a regulatory overview of the status of corporate counsel and for jurisdictional insights on case law, legal developments, and other developments concerning the in-house counsel profession, serving as a milestone for in-house counsel advocacy across Europe.


Never before have European company lawyers had such a comprehensive insight into their profession. The Review meticulously details the evolving legal landscape, highlighting both commonalities and distinctions among different jurisdictions. This essential resource equips corporate lawyers with the precise knowledge needed to navigate complex jurisdictional quirks. The comparative analysis provided allows for a deeper understanding of how international trends impact local practices, aiding in-house counsel and their businesses in anticipating and adapting to future legal challenges and enables to consider the ideal locations for the business’ legal operations . As a result, the Review not only enhances individual competence but also strengthens the collective influence and advocacy of the in-house counsel community across Europe.


To fully leverage the insights offered by the European Company Lawyers Review 2024/25, all in-house counsel should actively engage with the content and participate in the broader dialogue it fosters. By doing so, you can stay at the forefront of legal developments, advocate effectively for your organisation, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the in-house counsel profession. Join your peers in exploring this pivotal resource and be part of shaping the future of corporate law in Europe.

The European Company Lawyers Review 2024/25 contains the following key information:

  • Comprehensive overview on the status of corporate counsel from 22 European jurisdictions plus 5 jurisdictions outside the scope
  • Detailed analysis of significant EU-level case law that has affected the company lawyer profession
  • Insights into legal professional privilege and its intrinsic qualities at the European and at national level
  • Opinion-pieces on the corporate lawyer profession and on legal professional privilege by industry-leading legal experts
  • A window into ECLA’s member associations, their activities and background
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