Meet with Vilius Nikitina, President of the Lithuanian Association

We met in Copenhagen with Vilius Nikitinas, the president of B.I.T.A. (Bendrovių ir institucijų teisininkų asociacija) in Lithuania. Vilius is very proud to talk about his young Association, established in 2013, which joined ECLA in May 2014 during the ECLA General Assembly in Tallinn and host of the upcoming one on April 22.

B.I.T.A. counts at the moment 200 company lawyers and the association is growing slowly but constantly. From the president we understand B.I.T.A. is also very active in organizing events not only for their own members but also for external lawyers.

In order to improve the position of the company lawyers’ in his country, B.I.T.A   made some legislative suggestions to the Lithuanian government on how to better regulate  the profession of the company lawyer.

“Our association- explains Vilius – is a member of LVK, which is a ICC representative in Lithuania. This makes it possible for  B.I.T.A. to get news from this old organization and through LVK make suggestions. We also cooperate with the academic community, especially with the Law Faculty of the Vilnius University. The Vilnius University is highly respected and valued for its historical roots and academics.

Vilius has a doctoral degree in social science, works as a lecturer at the Vilniaus University Law Faculty and he published a book named “Transport law”.  In his business life Vilius works as a company lawyer for the “Lithuanian railways”. Vilius Nikitinas is a highly regarded Lithuanian railway representative in the European Union in Brussels.