Data collection and utilisation have become a widespread discussion topic in all public spheres, whether it concerns democratic elections, the monetisation of consumer activities online or public health. It has become the driving force for innovation for businesses, providing new avenues previously not feasible.


This has brought new legal challenges that corporate legal departments and external law firms must address for businesses. The increased regulatory scrutiny that the European Union and other jurisdictions have established highlights the importance for businesses of getting their data collection processes right from the outset.


For this purpose, the European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA) has partnered with the experts of Osborne Clarke on an international thought leadership study that explores data strategies across Europe and the related legal implications to offer an in-depth guide on how to successfully overcome these legal challenges.

The study offers:

  • A state-of-the-art benchmark for legal activities around data-centric business models
  • Unique insights of European general counsel and corporate legal departments on data strategies
  • Valuable expert evaluations and opinions on current developments and upcoming European legislation
  • Arguments for a future-proof set-up of corporate legal departments

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