Board Meeting Dec 1 (Frankfurt am Main) - ECLA
On 20 October 2017 ECLA had its General Assembly, in the premises of the Law Society of England and wales in London. Apart from the usual topics such as 2018 budget and financial situation, the discussion was concentrated on the possible outsourcing of administrative, lobbying and consulting services to a specialised company, which will have the task to bring ECLA on a more professional and influential level.
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Board Meeting Dec 1 (Frankfurt am Main)

On December 1st, 2017 the ECLA Executive Board held a meeting at dfv Media Group in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Apart from the members of the Executive Board, Dr. Michael Henning and Marcus M. Schmitt, representatives of dfv Media Group, joined the meeting. The participants discussed the strategy for 2018, the relaunch of the website of the association, various possibilities for conferences and events as well as establishing the new service company for ECLA in Brussels, Belgium. Also ECLA and its new service company “ECLA Association Services” signed the service agreement for the future.