ECLA General Assembly (Paris)

On Sunday October 23, 2016 ECLA had its autumn General Assembly in Paris hosted by the national association of company lawyers of France, AFJE. In addition to the usual agenda items, such as member matters, goals, communication and budget, there was a presentation (by Anna Drozd) and discussion on Brexit, and to a lesser extent on CETA and TTIP. It was generally recognized that these treaties may have an impact on the work of company lawyers in Europe.

Two members of the board, president Sergio Marini, and treasurer Jean Cattazuzza elected not to go for a new term and stepped down. The present secretary of the board, Jonathan Marsh,  was elected as president and Giovanni Cerutti was elected as treasurer.

Many ECLA members also attended the ICW World Summit which was organized on the adjacent days after the General Assembly (24 and 25 October), with interesting speakers and discussions, amongst whom  then former ECLA president Sergio Marini and honorary president Philippe Coen. The Summit was a great success and attended by more than 300 lawyers from all over the world. The Summit was concluded by a boat trip and dinner on the river Seine