ECLA meets the Finish Company Lawyers Association, March 5th (Helsinki)

On 5 and 6 March 2018 Marcus M. Schmitt, general manager of the European Company Lawyers Association met with representatives from the company lawyers association in Finland “Teollisuus Lakimiesten Yhdistysry / Industrijuristföreningen r.f.” (TLY). Together with Tiina Lencioni, former president of the Finish organization and general counsel at Marimekko corporation and Jyri Juusela, member of the board of TLY and senior Legal counsel at Metsä group he discussed current developments of the status of company lawyers in Finland and challenges for the finish organization.


„Teollisuus Lakimiesten Yhdistysry / Industrijuristföreningen r.f.” was founded in 1955 and has been member at ECLA for many years. It represents company lawyers from Finland that work for companies with an industrial background. Currently, there are approximately 2.000 company lawyers employed in Finland