General Counsel Roundtable

Kimpton Fitzroy London, 1-8 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London

17 October 19:00 to 18 October 14:00

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ECLA General Counsel Roundtable – Risk, Resilience and Reputation


The General Counsel Roundtable is an invitation-only event for general counsel all across Europe, hosted by the European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA). It brings 30 general counsel and decision makers from legal departments together to discuss challenges that risk management can bring.  The event is planned as a half-day exclusive meeting. General counsel are invited to the event and only have to organise and pay for their travel arrangements.


The General Counsel Roundtable will be held under the Chatham House Rule , with no press invited nor attending. This is done to ensure the openness and integrity of the roundtable discussions.


Risks today come in many forms, emerging from areas such as cyberspace, environmental changes, or even political developments. Companies must be prepared for a number of challenges, some industry-specific, some universal. Proper risk management involves multiple facets, from properly addressing regulators and reporters, to covering issues ranging from data breaches to disputes. 

Whatever the risks are, companies must have a comprehensive strategy to build their resilience towards risks, whilst protecting their reputation. In today’s world, the reputation of a company is of utmost importance. There have been multiple examples in recent history, where the reputation and consumer confidence in a business has eroded overnight.

Gathering experienced general counsel together to discuss optimal approaches to safeguarding your business’ interests will highlight best practices and how to position companies in light of challenges that might arise. A roundtable discussion amongst peers is an ideal venue to share knowledge and tips on how to prepare companies for the worst.



17 October 2019:

18:00 Welcome Reception

18:45 Welcome Speech, Jonathan Marsh, President ECLA, International General Counsel, TOTAL Marketing Services

19:15 Dinner

People Business: Management of Skills and Career Challenges in Legal Departments, Gabriella Porcelli, General Counsel, Fendi

21:00 Discussions, networking and drinks


18 October 2019:

08:30 Light breakfast reception

09:00 Opening speeches: Jonathan Marsh, President of ECLA, Jonathan Warne, CMS UK

09:30 Boardroom Risk: Understanding risks to directors and how to mitigate them – David Bridge/ Tristan Hall 

10:15 Resilience: Best practice in conducting investigations – Caroline Hobson

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Reputation: How to protect your reputation in a crisis and how to be prepared –Tamsin Blow

12:10: New ISO Standard on the Management of Legal Risk – Sam De Silva/ Russel Price 

13:00: Lunch Break

14:00: Closing remarks



Jonathan Marsh
Vice President, International General Counsel
Total Marketing & Services


David Bridge
Partner, Solicitor Advocate
CMS London

Hall-Tristan-CMNO-GBR_etmiddle (1)

Tristan Hall
CMS London


Jonathan Warne
Partner, Head of Litigation and Arbitration
CMS London


Caroline Hobson
Partner, Co-head of Competition
CMS London


Tamsin Blow
CMS London


Dr. Sam De Silva
CMS London

Russel Price

Russel Price

UK Chair of the Risk Management Committee

foto personal 2019

Gabriella Porcelli

General Counsel & Worldwide IP, Ethics and Compliance Director



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Participants of the roundtable will be general counsel and decision makers in the legal departments, the ECLA board as well as representatives from CMS.